May Book Box

Posted May 13th at 6:54am

Our May Book Box was a special Mother's Day edition, and lots of lucky ladies received this box as a gift!Fictional-ishNatalina Reis' latest release is a heart-warming friends-to-lovers romantics comedy, set in the Scottish countryside! Pink Apple and Vanilla Scented CandleCreativ...

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'The Gift of Life' Review

Posted May 8th at 1:17am

Better Reading reviews Josephine Moon's latest novelThe Gift of Life is a delightful page-turner that delves into the complex subject of organ transplants with great humanity. It’s a truly moving tale about loss and love and connection, with a wonderful cast of well developed character...

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Mother's Day Gift Guide

Posted May 5th at 10:49pm

This Mother’s Day, shop small and shop local! We’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite local creators and designers, and handpicked products we know your mum would love! Fragrance Set from Sister Soul Parfumerie @sistersoulincDessy from Bendigo makes beautiful perfume products, some o...

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April Book Box

Posted April 26th at 12:35am

The April Book Box, our special Easter edition, was full of chocolate themed treats and included a bonus book!  The Gift of Life  From the bestselling author of The Chocolate Promise and Three Gold Coins comes a colourful and heartwarmin...

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'Sing It, Sam' Review

Posted April 26th at 12:27am

Read a review by Rachel from The Rest is Still UnwrittenSing It, Sam is the latest release by Jennifer Ryder and is a romantic and emotional story of love and loss and the power of being ready to take chances and move forward.Wannabe author Jane Rhynehart lives in the pumpkin-obsessed town of Willow...

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The Making of The New Romantics Book Boxes

Posted April 9th at 2:02am

How do we put together The New Romantics Book Box? How do we select the book? How do we decide on the amazing gifts inside?Read on to discover the process of putting our book boxes together and get them to our amazing readers! Step 1: Choose the bookSelecting a new romance novel to be our m...

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March Book Box

Posted March 13th at 2:14am

The March book box was one of our most anticipated yet, including Jennifer Ryder's new release and some Autumn-themed treats!Sing It, SamJane Rhynehart wants to be a writer, but has never experienced the love story she wants to write. Budding singer and songwriter Sam Marshall is a resident in ...

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Self Care for Autumn

Posted March 1st at 4:21am

Autumn – the best month for reading? The weather is cooling down and we’re feeling like snuggling up under a blanket with a cup of tea and a great romance read. We hope you feel the same! Here’s the best ways to enjoy the new season. Tea tea teaSure, we drink tea all year round. But a hot c...

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'Hearts Abroad' Review

Posted March 1st at 3:51am

Check out this review from the Genre Minx of our February featured title, Hearts Abroad by Skye McNeil Hearts Abroad is a light-hearted romance filled with humor that was very entertaining and had me chuckling throughout. Londyn Bellerose was a colorful character, full of personality, and ...

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February Book Box

Posted February 27th at 5:20am

Our February book box took readers around the world with an exciting new romance from Skye McNeil and a some treats to pamper and indulge. Hearts Abroad BookWhen a fun-loving American nanny turns a millionaire British single dad’s world upside down, it’s inevitable life is going to...

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'The Cottage at Rosella Cove' Review

Posted February 20th at 1:33am

Read this lovely review from freelance writer Gillian Ching of our January featured title, The Cottage at Rosella CoveThis pink covered novel caught my eye as soon as I entered the bookshop. It looked instantly cheery and the title sounding whimsical and romantic. When I started reading The...

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January Book Box

Posted February 4th at 9:13pm

Our first box of 2019 was filled with beautiful summery treats and an amazing novel from a beloved Australia author! Read about all the great inclusions. The Cottage at Rosella Cove BookSandie Docker's second novel has been a delight to our readers. The book follows the story ...

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'One Day in December' Review

Posted January 24th at 10:29pm

Thank you to our reader Joanne who wrote a great review of Josie Silver's One Day in December. You can read Joanne's review and check out her page here. Josie Silver has written a great romance that will make you laugh and make you cry. You will not want to put it down, it is a re...

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Christmas Book Box

Posted December 18th at 1:13am

Thank you everyone who bought a Christmas Book Box from The New Romantics! We loved putting together this festive edition of the box and we hope you loved receiving it!For everyone who didn't get one this time, here is a summary of the Christmas box.One Day in December BookJosie Silver's d...

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'The Summer of Secrets' Review

Posted September 27th at 1:03am

Thank you to our first guest blogger Kathryn for this review of the book we included in the trial box, The Summer of Secrets by Barbara Hannay.Read Kathryn's review below.ReviewI was eager to dive into The Summer of Secrets, as I hadn’t previously read any of Barbara’s work. T...

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Meditation and Mindfulness

Posted September 19th at 8:12am

Meditation and mindfulness has become a big thing in recent years (remember mindful colouring-in books?) but a lot of people are still unsure of exactly what meditation involves. Don't worry - you don't have to be a yogi to benefit from this relaxing and reinvigorating practice. Meditation...

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September Book Box

Posted September 5th at 4:56am

Congratulations everyone who purchased a trial book box from The New Romantics. You will now have received your book box, and we hope you're loving it! For everyone who didn't get one this time, or for purchasers who want to know more about the inclusions, here is a summary of the...

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Self Care for Spring

Posted August 24th at 12:57am

Spring is just around the corner! If you’re like us, you’ll be pleased to see the end of the cold of Winter, for the days to get longer, and for everything to become a little more bright and colourful.While your Winter self care routine may have been all cuddling under blankets and big hearty meals,...

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Why Romance?

Posted August 8th at 3:48am

The New Romantics book box is all about romance books, romance readers, romance authors, and the best ways to pamper and relax while enjoying a great romantic story. But why did we choose romance?We were inspired by the amazing romance community to create a product just for them. Although there are ...

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30 ways to practice self care

Posted July 27th at 2:26am

Self care is all about listening to what you want and taking the time to look after your own needs. Take a break from your busy life and work out what will make you feel good. Sometimes it’s to relax, sometimes to indulge, sometimes to get moving and sometimes to be creative. Whatever works for you,...

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Welcome to The New Romantics!

Posted June 29th at 5:25am

Hello romance lovers! We're so excited that you're here, experiencing our brand new website. We've been working hard to create a great online experience for you, and to bring you our first book boxes! Hopefully you've already checked out the Store section where you can p...

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