'One Day in December' Review

Posted January 24th at 10:29pm

Thank you to our reader Joanne who wrote a great review of Josie Silver's One Day in December. You can read Joanne's review and check out her page here

Josie Silver has written a great romance that will make you laugh and make you cry. You will not want to put it down, it is a real page turner. The main characters of Laurie and Jack are going to draw you in and you are going to want to know what happens.

It all starts one day in December Laurie is on a bus and she looks out her window to see Jack sitting at a bus stop, their eyes meet, she wants to get off the bus and he is thinking he should get on the bus. But the bus takes off with her still on it and him standing there watching it leave.

For a year, she looks for him everywhere, but never finds him. Her crush goes unrequited. Laurie and Sarah met while at Uni, they are house mates who are now best friends. One night, they have a party and Sarah brings her new boyfriend, Jack O’Mara. Laurie meets his eyes and she can see the boy sitting at the bus stop straight away. But she does not say anything as he is with her bestie now. Jack recognizes Laurie too, but he also keeps it a secret.

I enjoyed how Josie Silver has written this in two POV’s, we get to read alternating through Laurie and Jack. Set over 10 years we get to watch the characters grow.

All I will say is I wanted more of an ending – maybe an epilogue!!!

One Day in December is a wonderful read that I read over a few nights, but it definitely could be read in a day. This book will appeal to many different readers, it deals with friendship, love, loss, regret and missed opportunities.

I absolutely recommend this remarkable story to everyone.

A delightful Christmas read.