Self Care for Spring

Posted August 24th at 12:57am

Spring is just around the corner! If you’re like us, you’ll be pleased to see the end of the cold of Winter, for the days to get longer, and for everything to become a little more bright and colourful.

While your Winter self care routine may have been all cuddling under blankets and big hearty meals, Spring is time for your life to be a little warmer and lighter. Here are our top tips for self care in Spring.

Flowers flowers flowers

If you follow us on social media, you’ll know that we love flowers! They brighten up your home, improve your mood, and give off a beautiful natural scent. And everybody knows, Spring is the best season for them!

Check out your local florist; they will be sure to have an amazing selection of blooms to choose from. Local farmers' markets often have flowers for sale as well. Even better if you have your own garden and can grow your own gorgeous flowers to cut and place around the house… or just enjoy outside!

Don’t wait for your partner to buy you flowers (although it’s always lovely when they do!) – you can buy yourself a bouquet any time you want!

Get outside

We’re all guilty of becoming hermits during the Winter. When it’s cold, windy or raining, staying indoors with a good book and a cup of tea seems like a much more appealing option than venturing anywhere.

But now the sun is out again, and it’s time to get some of that Vitamin D!

Getting outdoors is good for your mood and general wellbeing. Change up your surroundings by spending an afternoon in your local park. Go for a walk around your neighbourhood. Have a coffee or tea at an outdoor café. Maybe organise a trip into the country or down to the beach on a weekend (even if it’s still cold!).

And if you still don’t feel like going too far from your kettle and your couch, pull up a chair on your balcony or in your backyard and read there for a little while. Just remember a hat and sunscreen – getting lost in a book on a sunny day is a sure way to get burnt!

Spring clean

Technically you can do a big clean out at any time of year, but they don’t call it ‘Spring cleaning’ for nothing. This is the perfect opportunity to open your windows, let the light in, and get cleaning.

Dusting, sweeping, mopping and scrubbing might not sound like much fun for most of us. But the sense of satisfaction you’ll get after a big day of getting it all done is worth it. Doing housework in little bits can be demoralising – you clean one room, and by the time you’re cleaning the next one, the first seems to be messy and dirty again. That’s why doing it all in one hit is a great idea.

You’ll also be able to find and throw out or donate stuff you don’t use anymore. Lately everyone has been on the declutter trend – give it a try and see how a more streamlined living space can make you feel calmer and far more organised.

Think fresh!

While your Winter diet may have been a lot of soups, stews, and maybe some indulgent chocolate cake, Spring is a great time to start enjoying fresh fruit again. All the best stuff is coming into season, so hit your local market or grocer and stock up! Fruit salad with yogurt is great for breakfast, or for a natural pick up in the afternoon. Throw some berries or mango and banana in the blender for a smoothie. Veggies are great at this time as well – add as many as you want to a stir fry for a healthy and quick evening meal.

Of course, it’s the season for sweet treats as well – finally, ice-cream time! Indulge in delicious warm weather desserts like fluffy lemon tarts or our favourite, pavlova with strawberries!

Be organised this year!

It might seem ages away but… Christmas is in just sixteen weeks. And as life starts to get crazy, those weeks will fly by!

Make this the year that you’re organised with your gift giving. You don’t need to go on a spending spree right now – in fact having all those presents sitting around for months can be a pain. But start thinking about who you’re going to buy for, and what each person might like.

You’ll find it’s a really lovely exercise; thinking about your family and friends and thoughtfully considering what may be the perfect gift for them. The present you buy after thinking it through will be much better and more appreciated than the last-minute panic purchase.

Also, planning ahead saves you the stress of trying to fit in your shopping later on when all the stores are busy and you have a dozen other things to do, and it helps with your budgeting and ensures you don’t overspend. Win win win!


Enjoy these Spring self care suggestions! If you have a great tip for making the best of life in any season, let us know!

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