The Making of The New Romantics Book Boxes

Posted April 9th at 2:02am

How do we put together The New Romantics Book Box? How do we select the book? How do we decide on the amazing gifts inside?

Read on to discover the process of putting our book boxes together and get them to our amazing readers!


Step 1: Choose the book

Selecting a new romance novel to be our monthly feature title is one of the best, but also the hardest, parts of putting together the book boxes. There’s so much fantastic romance fiction coming out all year round! We do have some criteria the book must meet, which makes our job a little easier.

  • Must be a new release (published in the month before unboxing). We don’t want our readers to already have the book!
  • Must be a standalone or the first in the series (so you don’t need to have read anything else first)
  • Must be different to the last book we included – i.e., we don’t want two enemies-to-lovers in a rural setting novels in a row!

A few months before a box is released, we put out a call out for a new book. We work with both publishing houses and independent authors, and we’ve developed fantastic relationships with the amazing people in the romance writing community. Publishers and authors send us the information of new releases, and we have the hard task of picking which will work best for us!

(Are you an author? Sign up to our mailing list for book call outs, and your book could be in a box!)

Step 2: Choose the inclusions

The products are selected in the month before orders for a book box open. We try to have a wide variety of inclusions, and to support as many local and independent creators as possible! You can see which companies are supplying products during the lead up to an unboxing when we post supplier reveals, and start to get excited about the amazing designers who are creating something for us. When selecting products, we consider the time of year, the themes and setting of the included book, and what our subscribers have loved in the past.

Step 3: Boxes go on sale

Of course our boxes are available for purchase all year round, but orders for any particular box open on the 15th of the month and close on the 15th of the following month. Our subscribers receive a box every month automatically (unless they pause for a month), and we also have trial boxes on sale for people who want to get a taste for The New Romantics before committing. 

Step 4: Ordering the products

When box reservations close, we know how many people are receiving the box and we can place an order with the publisher/author, and the suppliers of the products. We always order a few extra just in case, and because we know some people love to buy our past boxes after they’ve been released. (You can find all available past boxes in our store). 


Step 5: Products arrive and are photographed

The box inclusions arrive, and it’s time for a photo shoot! We set up a little makeshift studio in our office and take some snaps of the boxes and all the inclusions separately so we can show off the amazing goodies we’ve included.


Step 6: Pack the boxes

Packing the boxes requires a bit of a production line! Each box is assembled and lined with tissue paper. The terms and conditions sheet goes in first (boring stuff at the bottom!) before the most exciting bit, the book! Then we cover the book with some bubble wrap to protect it from any sharp corners on the products. The beautiful inclusions go in next, followed by plenty of packing materials to protect the contents in transit. Then the box is closed up, labelled, and sealed for shipping.

Step 7: Ship the boxes 

We book in the boxes with a courier who comes and collects them from us. Then they’re on their way to subscribers around the country! It’s always nerve-wracking having the boxes out of our control, but they arrive safely on our readers doorsteps in less than 7 business days.


Step 8: The boxes arrive and it's unboxing time!

Because of all the different places our subscribers live, the boxes arrive at different times. But we wait until everyone has received theirs, or until the 15th of the month, to do our unboxing. Then we reveal the book and the inclusions to everyone on our socials. We love it when subscribers share their unboxing photos as well.