'The Summer of Secrets' Review

Posted September 27th at 1:03am

Thank you to our first guest blogger Kathryn for this review of the book we included in the trial box, The Summer of Secrets by Barbara Hannay.

Read Kathryn's review below.


I was eager to dive into The Summer of Secrets, as I hadn’t previously read any of Barbara’s work. 

The Summer of Secrets is a well written, poignant and heart-warming story featuring the community of Burralea, a town in far north Queensland. 

Although the Summer of Secrets has a strong focus on the budding friendship and relationship between colleagues Chloe and Finn, it also features chapters told from a variety of other points of view. 

The characters are strong, endearing and likeable, but they are also very relatable. Even with the multiple points of view, and flashbacks of the past I found the characters to be well developed, flawed and realistic. 

This title is a charming romance, full of emotion and drama. The twists and turns, intrigue, suspense and mystery kept me completely enthralled. For readers who love a title with lots of heat and steam, this title may not be for them, but overall it’s a really lovely Australian story.

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